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Report Highlights

Interest rate peak could remove uncertainty in the system
Potential headcount reduction puts downward pressure on rents and vacancies
New demand drivers for logitics emerged from healthcare and life science-related sectors
Outbound opportunities from Asian buyers into the global residential markets
Cap Market
Dominance of private investors amid flight to quality and safe haven markets
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While the Asia-Pacific economy will face significant headwinds in 2023, it will remain a bright spot amid the shadows cast by the slowing global economy. Economies in the region will once again dominate growth worldwide, which will have implications for its real estate markets. That underlying growth will continue to underpin its attraction to occupiers, while its economic diversity offers ample opportunities for investors to target a range of asset classes to position their portfolios for the post-pandemic landscape.

In our Asia-Pacific Outlook 2023, Knight Frank analyses the current economic and geopolitical situation, considers both challenges and opportunities for both the Residential and Commercial sectors and advises on how to best pivot towards opportunities in 2023.